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[Question] Does Session::RemoveFiles() remove files in sub directory of source directory? If not, how to implement this ability?

(Please do not ask me why I have the remote directory as /C/testTransfer/. The code just for testing purpose.)

I have a SFTP program using WinSCP .Net assembly. Program language is C++/CLI. It opens up a work file. The file contains many lines of FTP instructions.

One type of instruction I have to handle is to transfer *.txt from source directory. The source directory may contain sub directories which may contain .txt as well. Once transfer is successful, delete the source files.

I use Session::GetFiles() for the transfer. It correctly transfer all .txt files (/C/testTransfer/*.txt), even those in sub directories (/C/testTransfer/sub/*.txt), in the source to the destination.

transferOptions->FileMask = "*.txt";
session->GetFiles("/C/testTransfer", "C:\\temp\\win", false, transferOption);

Now to remove, I use session->RemoveFiles("/C/testTransfer/*.txt"). I only see *.txt in the source (/C/testTransfer/*.txt), but not in the sub directory (/C/testTransfer/sub/*.txt), are removed.

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The Session::RemoveFiles can remove even files in subdirectories in general. But not this way with wildcard, because WinSCP will not descend to subdirectories that do not match the wildcard (*.txt). Also note that even if you do not need the wildcard, the Session::RemoveFiles would remove even the subdirectories themselves, what I'm not sure you want it to.

Though you have other (and better = more safe) options:

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