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Ok, so I'm by no means an expert in css, jquery, or any of these new fangled html 5 element.

I'm trying to use the lightwindow lightbox script to make a simple gallery, but I'm having this weird problem in firefox (not in ie 8, though).

When the lightbox is open, it creates a scroll bar next to the page's scroll bar, and it allows the page to scroll well below the content into this uncharted grey territory.

the page is here :http://highburypools.com/newsite/liners.php

I've googled this to death, and though I've found what people claim to be solutions, it's all fragmented gibberish to me and I have no idea how to implement these solutions.


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The plugin you are using is setting the css inline height of the #lightwindow_overlay element to 1938px. That would be causing the long scrolling. You will want to look at how the plugin is calculating the height. –  tokyovariable May 7 at 4:22
ok, got it. the lightbox.js file has this if block: if(Prototype.Browser.Gecko) { overlay.setStyle({ backgroundImage: 'url('+this.options.overlay.presetImage+')', backgroundRepeat: 'repeat', height: this.pageDimensions.height + 'px' height: 700 + 'px' }); so basically, i just replaced the line where it sets height to height: 700 + 'px', it's weird that FF thinks the pages has over 1900px of height, because the page properties says it has only 1200. A firefox bug maybe? –  user3479671 May 7 at 10:16
Perfect! You can put your solution as an answer then mark the question as answered. –  tokyovariable May 8 at 1:54
I'm new here. I can for the life of me figure out how to do that. There's got to be some button somewhere.... –  user3479671 May 11 at 11:26

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