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I notice something not right with my hosting, and I take a look into my wp-config there is some unknown code is added there. Anyone can decode / explain what is the coding doing for my server?

Here is the code:


I manage to decode it until it run eval, create_function, base64_decode. After that I have no idea what is the code is doing. please help

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It's a series of eval + Base64 encoding. The decoding process is relatively easy. If you look at the last line, you can see:


This is basically calling a function. To find out the actual PHP code being evaluted, simply echo the value of $UuS9w2FD06i8R3aF7VSSFsjdONHd. From the padding characters at the end of the output, you can easily make out that it's a Base64 encoded text. Decode that to ASCII text. Now change eval to echo. Rinse and repeat. Finally, you'd obtain the decrypted code.

By Googling the IPs in the code, I found this article which talks about an OptimizePress vulnerability. If your WordPress installation uses that theme, I suggest you delete the entire theme folder from /wp-contents directory and do a scan for more injected files. Optionally, contact the theme support for security fixes.

From a quick scan of the code, it looks like a backdoor that allows arbitrary PHP code to be evaluated, and files to be saved to your disk by exploiting WordPress' permissions. However, instead of worrying about what the code does, I suggest you find the vulnerability and fix it immediately. Make sure you contact the hosting support (if you have one) as well.

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ya, i am removed the code already. But I would like to know what is the code does to my other code, by reading the code. then I can know what it does to my code. Btw, the decrypted code diff like what I paste. Are you pasting the correct link? –  Shiro May 7 at 4:50
@Shiro: Well, this is the link I have in the answer. Does that not work for you? –  Amal Murali May 7 at 4:55
ya, it works! thanks! –  Shiro May 7 at 4:59
@Shiro: Added some more details about a theme vulnerability. See the edit. –  Amal Murali May 7 at 5:04
Thank @Amal Murali, it really smart way to encode it.. it require repeat 3 times to see the original code... Thank you so much! –  Shiro May 7 at 5:13

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