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before it was working fine after installing dot net ..when i started wamp i am getting error as

The procedure entry point_object_and_properties_init could not be located in
dynamic link library php4ts.dll

When i check in


 php4ts.dll is not present there. So i take a copy of  php4ts.dll from
 D:\wamp\bin\php \php5.3.13\ext and paste it in    D:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.2.22\bin

But still it showing same error

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It seems that some invalid version of php4ts.dll is loaded from somewhere. Maybe dot net messed with PATH variable. Try to find php4ts.dll in system paths and compare their versions. –  doc May 7 at 5:33

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i changed port it worked..i changed the port in http.conf it worked...

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