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I am trying to connect R from java using RCaller and here is my code

RCaller caller = new RCaller();
RCode code = new RCode();
caller.setRscriptExecutable("C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/Rscript.exe");
code.addRCode ("source(\"D:/Data Mining workspaces/Workspace/CQpackage/First_try.R\")");

First_try.R contains a function defnition and the function is called myinput()

When i run this i am getting this error, i am not able to understand the reason. Please HElp

rcaller.exception.RCallerExecutionException: Can not run C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/Rscript.exe. Reason: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "C:/Program": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
at rcaller.RCaller.runAndReturnResult(RCaller.java:393)
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Try to escape the space in the path. From the error it looks like that could be a problem. Also check out this question: Error under bridge between R and Java

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I tried escaping by doing Program\ files but its giving me illegal escape sequence error. –  Magic May 7 '14 at 7:10

Please change the line

caller.setRscriptExecutable("C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/Rscript.exe");


caller.setRscriptExecutable("C:\\Program Files\\R\\R-3.0.2\\bin\\Rscript.exe");

in Windows. It seems it is a Java issue, not the one about RCaller.

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tried,but did not work.i had to change the installation folder to make it work. –  Magic May 7 '14 at 10:15

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