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I am tying to create a cookie with path and domain values using a selenium cookie class constructor:

Cookie newCookie= new Cookie(name, value);

I am able to get cookie with -


but when I am trying to do something like,

Cookie newCookie= new Cookie(name, value, domain, path, expiry);

I am able to create cookie , I can see the cookie is added in Firefox cookies, but when I try to get cookie with -


it is not getting that particular cookie

Why so?

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You can get cookie by it's name and then looking at it, you can check if your cookie is created or not -

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in my issue , i am adding two cookies one with only name value parameters and another one with path,domain,expiry Date parameters ,both of them are getting added, in Firefox ->preferences->remove individual cookies. but when i try to access using getCookies() , i am only getting cookie with name value pair and not the other cookie with path,domain,expiry. Can it related to Firefox driver,or selenium cookie class related issue ? –  Vivek Kamble May 7 at 10:36
Can you tell me what driver.manage().getCookieNamed("cookieName"); returns for the other cookie with path, domain, expiry etc? –  TDHM May 8 at 17:58
If it's returning null, means the path you're using for the cookie is invalid or non-exists. –  TDHM May 8 at 18:07
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