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The below issue is faced only when inbuilt Excel Addins (Analysis Toolpak, Euro Currency, Solver) enabled only.

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In my application I am opening new excel from the existing workbook Add-ins tab. It's working so far in all excel versions. Now in Office2013 we are facing the problem that the Add-ins tab is not visible in the newly opened workbook instead it comes with other blank excel. So my question is when we open a workbook why the blank workbook opens along with newly opened workbook and why Add-ins tab is there in that blank workbook.

Here what we observed is that newly opened workbook shares the same process of existing workbook and if we try to open the new workbook in different process it works fine, but we need to launch the new workbook in the same process of existing workbook.

Why this behavior happens only when inbuilt excel addins enabled?

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