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I have a solution which has many projects inside it. I build the solution and have some compile errors. Double clicking an error will open a class file, called FileA.cs. What I don't know how to do is viewing FileA.cs in the Solution Explorer pane.

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You have 2 options without macros, either always enable tracking, or bind a key to toggle it:

If you want to always enable tracking: Enable the Track Active Item in Solution Explorer option, but note there's some performance penalty is leaving this on. Get to this by Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > General

Alternatively, bind a key to turn this on and off (but you'll have to hit it twice).

Third, macro option, make this macro and bind to a key so you don't have to hit it twice to disable it:

Sub FindInSolutionExplorer()
 DTE.ExecuteCommand ("View.TrackActivityinSolutionExplorer")
 DTE.ExecuteCommand ("View.TrackActivityinSolutionExplorer")
End Sub
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Why do we need to do it twice? –  Nam G VU Feb 28 '10 at 14:05
@Nam Gi VU - Just to turn it back off if you don't want the performance penalty. If the performance isn't bad for you, you can just leave it on. –  Nick Craver Feb 28 '10 at 14:06
I see. Thank you Craver! –  Nam G VU Mar 1 '10 at 3:01

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