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Following this class:

class Report
  String firstName
  String lastName

I need to sort my Person list first by the last name and then by the first name.

I tried to make it using this code:

persons.sort{[it.lastName, it.firstName]}

But it didn't managed to do so.
Are there any other suggestions to have sorting by two criterias?

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With latest version of groovy You can achieve this with @Sortable annotation.

Second option is to implement Comparable and use spaceship (<=>) operator.

And here's sample just with sort method:

import groovy.transform.ToString

class R {
  def f
  def l

def list = [new R(f: 'A', l: 'B'),new R(f: 'A', l: 'A'),new R(f: 'A', l: 'C'),new R(f: 'B', l: 'C')]

list.sort {left, right -> left.l <=> right.l ?: left.f <=> right.f}
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Working fine! Thanks! –  Roey Golzarpoor May 7 at 8:54
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