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I am getting the value of pop up after I clicked it. It is giving value on Chrome, but it will not work on Firefox, why?

Here is my fiddle.

These are the following steps I did:

  1. Click on test button (open pop up).
  2. Select any value of pop up show on alert.

On Chrome it shows, but on Firefox it gives "undefined".

$(function () {
  $('#test').click(function () {

$(document).on('click', '.commandRow a', function() {
    var str = this.innerText;
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The duplicate is the plain JS solution, but if you're using jQuery, just use $(this).text() -- solving cross-browser headaches is exactly what jQuery is for. –  apsillers May 7 at 9:29

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Try to use textContent instead:

var str = this.textContent;

or apply jQuery using .text():

var str=  $(this).text();
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innerText is not supported by Firefox! Internet Explorer introduced element.innerText.
Use textContent instead

MDN: textContent - Differences from innerText

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