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I am using primeface 4.0.

The primeface showcase only shows how to drag a draggable in to a droppable. But then how to drag a that draggable out of that droppable is never mentioned.

I wantto make a dataTable that:

  1. Each td cantains a droppable panel which multiple draggable can be both draged in to and out of.
  2. A back bean object that "keeps data" of this dataTable, which I assume if the dataTable is 2*2, there will be 4 List in the back bean, each stores a list of draggable objects of corresponding droppable area.

Kinda like a simpler version ofp:schedule that allows events to be drag and drop between cells.

My efforts:

  1. I managed to make some of the functions worked, like drag into a droppable

  2. But I can't make the dragged draggable removed because there is no ajax event drag in p:draggable to pass data to back bean, as I did drop event in p:droppable.(There is a way of using JQuery draggable event start and stop to pass the col and row num to back bean but I am not sure it's a good way to go)

  3. I don't think my implementation is the right way to do it since there are some bizarre bugs, like sometimes the dragged object I get from ddEvent.getData() is not the right one. (I guess it has something to do with the sole dataSource of p:droppable. Issue1469)

Update: I think the main problem is that p:droppable only bind one datasource, so ddEvent.getData() will always get the 'object' from binded datasource, my problem is that I have multiple droppable area and each need to bind multiple datasources .

. Too bad I couldn't post an screenshot...

Here's my code: xthml: Shifts ...

<p:columns value="#{scheduleControler.weekdays}" var="date"
    styleClass="schedule_date" columnIndexVar="colIndex">
    <f:facet name="header">
        <h:outputText value="#{scheduleControler.weekdays[colIndex]}">
            <f:convertDateTime pattern="EEE, dd MMM" />
    <!-- Droppable:   -->
    <p:outputPanel id="dropArea">
        <p:outputPanel id="dropped">
            <p:dataTable var="shift2"
                rendered="#{not empty scheduleControler.getDailyShift(employee.id,date)}">
                    <p:outputPanel id="shiftBlock2" styleClass="shift_block"
                        style="background-color: \##{shift2.color}">
                        <h:outputText value="#{shift2.name}" />

                    <p:draggable for="shiftBlock2" opacity="0.5" revert="true">

    <!-- Config Droppable: update entire table, pass additional param by attributes -->
    <p:droppable for="dropArea" tolerance="intersect"
        activeStyleClass="ui-state-highlight" datasource=":shiftTable">
        <f:attribute name="weekday" value="#{date}" />
        <f:attribute name="eid" value="#{employee.id}" />
        <p:ajax event="drop" listener="#{scheduleControler.onShiftDrop}"
            update=" :centerForm:scheduleTbale" />


back bean:

 public List<ShiftDto> getDailyShift(String eid, Date date) {
            return this.tmpSchedule.getShifts(eid).get(date);
    public void onShiftDrop(DragDropEvent ddEvent) {
            ShiftDto shift = ((ShiftDto) ddEvent.getData());
            Date weekday = (Date) ddEvent.getComponent().getAttributes()
            String eid = (String) ddEvent.getComponent().getAttributes().get("eid");
            System.out.println("onShiftDrop: " + shift);
            System.out.println("dropedDate: " + weekday);
            System.out.println("dropedEmployee: " + eid);

            this.tmpSchedule.addShift(eid, weekday, shift);


tmpSchedule is just a map like container which contains each employee's weekly shifts.

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