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When visiting a page pointing to shiny app, such as myshinyapp.com/NoSuchPage.html, shiny will return "Not Found" information page. I suppose it is error 404 page.

How can I replace this "Not Found" page with my own page?


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See @hrbrmstr's answer for how to do this for pages that Shiny Server handles. Do be aware that shiny (not Shiny Server) also has to generate these pages, at times (if you're inside a Shiny App and ask for a resource that doesn't exist). Shiny doesn't yet expose a way to control its internal error pages. – Jeff Allen May 7 '14 at 13:34

From section 2.10 of the manual:

Shiny Server can utilize custom templates when generating static pages such as directory indexes and error pages. This feature is controlled using the template_dir directive and can be applied globally, or to a particular server or location.

To utilize this feature, you'll need a directory in which you'll store your templates. In this example, we'll assume you're using /etc/shiny-server/templates/. Inside this directory, you'll place the handlebars-enabled HTML templates for your pages.

Shiny Server will attempt to find a specific page to accommodate the current need -- for instance, if it encountered a 404 error, it will first look to see if you provided a specific template for handling 404 errors in the specified directory (error-404.html). If it doesn't find this file, it will go one step backwards to see if you provide a generic error template (error.html). If it can't find a suitable template in your template directory, it will fall back to use the provided templates that come with Shiny Server (and are stored in /opt/shiny-server/templates).

As you may have noticed already, Shiny Server uses a hyphen-delimited hierarchy which progresses from broadest to narrowest. So all error pages start with error. But the file name for a 404 error page would add an additional element (404) following a hyphen: error-404. All files are expected to use the .html extension.

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