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I built a OData Producer based on apache olingo, JPA and mySQL following this tutorial While many-to-many associations are displayed within the OData Feed, many-to-one associations are not displayed at all (neither are their JOIN-columns visible)

Does anyone have an idea, how to get olingo to display those Associations?

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With 2.0.0 [] release of Olingo V2 lib, it is not mandatory to annotate the relationship property with both name and referencedColumnName.

Refer to the JIRA issue - for more details.

Regards Chandan

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Great! I haven't seen that new release yet. But now Olingo throws a NullpointerException upon an eclipse generated JPA. I need to investigate this in detail. When it works, I'll give you an accepted answer checkmark –  Daniel Jul 17 '14 at 9:28

We had the same problem. Turns out olingo wasn't getting the default referencedColumnName correctly, so we had to set it manually on all our associations.


public Account account;


@JoinColumn(name="AccountId", referencedColumnName = "Id")
public Account account;
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Thanks for your help, but unfortunately the associations still won't show up. They are not visible in the $metadata either... do you have any more ideas? ;) –  Daniel May 9 '14 at 13:10
One other problem we had was olingo gave the relationships strange names, so we had to disable the olingo name generation with ODataJPAContext.setDefaultNaming(false) in initializeODataJPAContext. Other than that it worked well for us so I can't help more sorry :( –  WearyMonkey May 13 '14 at 1:41

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