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I have a unique requirement to select records from one table based on another table only if the second table has at least one record with a certain flag. The query should not return two records for the same ID: example: Table 1

id  name    location
4   myname  MyLocation
6   hisname HisLocation
7   hername herlocation

The id in this table are unique: Table two

id  details1   details2    closureflg
4   somdetails somedetails  Y
4   somdetails somedetails  Y
6   somdetails somedetails  N
7   somdetails somedetails  N
7   somdetails somedetail   N

I need to select from the first table one record only as long as the corresponding id has records in Table 2 whose closure flag is N:

I have tried:

select * from table1 where id in(select id from tbale2 where closureflg = 'N');

this returns two records for id 7;

My expected output:

id  name    location
6   hisname HisLocation
7   hername herlocation.

Please help.

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Your query is working fine.. Check this sqlfiddle.com/#!6/78e1a/1 –  G one May 7 '14 at 10:37
It is working for me too. What is the output are you getting now? –  Raging Bull May 7 '14 at 10:38

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please, try this one

FROM table1 t1
WHERE EXISTS(SELECT * FROM table2 t2 WHERE closureflag = 'N' AND t1.ID = t2.ID);
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I would try it with a join

select id, name, location from table1 join table2 on table1.id=table2.id where table2.closureflg = 'N' group by id

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