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In Drupal 6, I have created a view, displayed as a block. My goal is to display some text if the view returns results, and hide it if the view is empty. I am using Header for the text, and this works perfectly except for the requirement to show at least one field. I can't save the view if I don't set any fields for display. Is there a way to get past this, without creating a module or hacking the theme?

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The user nevets on the Drupal forums gave a great example that helped me solve this. Check out http://drupal.org/node/728336#comment-2659760 for the information.

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You should be able add a field and check its "exclude from display" checkbox.

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I actually tried that. If you exclude all fields from display, you can't save the view; you get the same error as if there were no fields to begin with. At the moment I'm getting by picking one field and rewriting the output to be a blank space... –  Nicholai Mar 1 '10 at 0:43

Do as Scott say, and select for "Row Style" = Node, so Fields will not required anymore...

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Change the show link under Format option of view, your objective will be accomplished.

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