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Project: Symfony 2.4, FOSUserBundle, SonataUserBundle.


I have User entity and profile form for it. I want to add checkbox for reminder subscription. This is saved in different entity 'Setting' (with one way relation Setting -> User). If there is row in 'Setting' for user checkbox should be checked, if row does not exist - it should be unchecked. So I need:

  1. render checkbox
  2. load data
  3. save data


1. Render check box

I know it depends on field type (because I think I could use entity type) but now I have this code:

class ProfileFormType extends ProfileType
    ->add("subscribeReminder", "checkbox",
            "mapped" => false,
            'required'  => false,

2. Load data

I think it could be done using 'class' and 'query_builder' in field options but I was not successful in doing that. Need to set checkbox to true when setting exists.

3. Save data

I think I could save data in FormHandler->onSuccess() (passing repository to constructor). Need to delete row or to create one.

Down the road

I am completely lost in documentation. It is possible to implement EventListeners, EventSubscribers. Tried different approaches with no luck. I think (hope) there is something simpler.

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If you can make a property or method in User class which will return true if User is subscribed, you can add something like this at the end of your buildForm() method:

$user = $builder->getData();
if($user instanceof User && $user->isSubscribed())

If you cannot make such a method or property, use the options array. Get a boolean value in controller for example if your user is subscribed, and pass the value as an option to your form, like so:

$form = $formFactory->create($formType, $entity, array('isSubscribed' => true));

I have passed true for simplicity, but you should pass the right boolean.

Then in your form type, add this method:

public function setDefaultOptions(OptionsResolverInterface $resolver)
        'isSubscribed' => false

For extra security, you can also validate the passed option with $resolver->setAllowedTypes() ...

And in your buildForm() add this at the end:


Sorry for any typos, and good luck!:)

And the last part of your question, you can add form events, but I think it is better to keep things simple is this scenario.

You can add event listeners to form like this inside buildForm():

$builder->addEventListener(FormEvents::SUBMIT, function(FormEvent $event) use ($something)
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