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spring security file:

    <intercept-url pattern="/login**" access="permitAll" />
    <intercept-url pattern="/resources**" access="permitAll" /> 
    <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="isAuthenticated()" />

    <access-denied-handler error-page="/login"/>
    <logout logout-success-url="/login" /> 


I want to deny access to all pages except: - login and login processing pages - resources folder and subfolders

I should have the correct rules after searching a bit but they don't seem to work. I am not able to see the login?error page and it's not willing to login my user.

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Try with pattern="/login*" and pattern="/resources*" –  Andrei Stefan May 7 '14 at 11:32
it works, (i changed login?process back to default). Do you perhaps have a reason why it's only working with a single star ? –  Maxim Geerinck May 7 '14 at 11:38
ah i see, the security has problems with ? in the url, is there a way to allow question marks ? –  Maxim Geerinck May 7 '14 at 11:46
* matches zero or more characters within the path name, while ** matches zero or more characters in a tree of directories. The ** is usually used like /**/*.html or /login/**. –  Andrei Stefan May 7 '14 at 12:06
Okay, it still stops at the ? (example: /responsive.css?1.0 or /login?error) –  Maxim Geerinck May 7 '14 at 12:14

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