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How do you include Javascript from a CDN source using Smarty? We have code such as the following for including it from a file on the web server, but I want to include it from a CDN instead.

{javascript file="prototype.js" priority=20}

When I access the Smarty documentation at http://www.smarty.net/manual/en/ "javascript" cannot be found anywhere within the page, and when I try to search the documentation the results from the following are not at all helpful: http://www.smarty.net/manual/en/search.php?query=javascript

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Why not just include the remote .js file, using the HTML <script> tag ?

Something like that, I suppose :


(Well, you can use another CDN than google's of course -- I took that URL as an example)

I've never heard of that {javascript} tag for smarty ; maybe it's a plugin that's been defined in your project ?

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correct about {javascript} being: "a plugin that's been defined in your project" –  George Jempty Aug 6 '10 at 22:33
glad to read that ;-) –  Pascal MARTIN Aug 7 '10 at 15:52

We use the following pattern:

<script src="{$page.cdn}prototype.js" type="text/javascript></script>

Where $page contains information that changes based on the environment.

Development server:

$page.cdn = /resources/

Production server:

$page.cdn = http://cdn.domain.com/app
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