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I have a trial version of SQL Server 2012 Enterprise on our test server that has expired. I would like to install a fresh copy of another Enterprise edition and attach the current db to the new one. I have done this locally by moving the mdf and ldf files to the new destination, then attaching the db through SSMS.

However the database on the test server is 700GB big and besides the mdf/ldf files there are 16 partitions (sql server database secondary data files). Will the same procedure apply in this case?

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you sould probably create a backup and then restore it. That should make it easier. –  Nanda May 7 at 11:37
Yes it will, I did this too with a 2TB database with several partitions and files. –  Pred May 7 at 11:37
Sere, use create database ... for attach and spell out all ndfs explicitly. –  dean May 7 at 11:38
So after I move the 700GB files, all I have to do is something like this? CREATE DATABASE MyDB2 ON PRIMARY (FILENAME = 'c:\data\file1.mdf'), (FILENAME = 'c:\data\file2.ndf'), (FILENAME = 'c:\data\file3.ndf'), (FILENAME = 'c:\data\file4.ldf') for attach –  Konstantinos Papakonstantinou May 7 at 11:57
Almost, remove the PRIMARY –  dean May 7 at 12:00

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