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I have in matlab, e.g. plot (sin(-pi:0.1:pi)); which plots the curve quite nicely. Now I want to connect two points, namely the one which e.g. equals -1 (=asin(-1)) and the end-point at pi.

How can I connect these points with a single line?

Note: the sin is just a quick'ndirty sample. Perhaps there exists better functions, but I just wanted to have a wide range set of values (which I have at the very ending - not as function, but as data points).

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check out annotation –  Schorsch May 7 '14 at 12:03

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You can accomplish this by using the line function in matlab like so:

X = linspace(-pi,pi,100); % //use linspace to make sure the last point is pi
x = [asin(-1) pi]; % //define the set of points which define your line
y=[-1 eps]; % //Use epsilon here since sin(pi) is approx epsilon (The lines will look more connected )
plot (X,sin(X)); % //it is important to plot both X and Y, otherwise the x-axis will be wrong
hold on;line(x,y,'Color','r');

This produces: enter image description here

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Thx for the hint. –  LeO May 7 '14 at 15:37

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