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I have made my website responsive and the media queries are working fine for all devices like ipad, desktop screens but on iphone5, it dose not even consider the query.

Here is the code :

/* iPhone 5/5S Retina Display Landscape */
@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (min-resolution: 192dpi) { 
  body {
    background:url(http://data.hinhnenso1.com/du-lieu/hinhnenso1/iphone-5/tong-hop/alovn-007.jpg)no-repeat fixed;
    background-size: 640px 1136px;

I am trying to set an back ground - image to the responsive site but it dose not seem to work. the image dose not respond to the background size. and hence appears to be blurred.

I have goggled the issue a lot and tried various query combinations to select iPhone screen to render the provided css but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestion would be a great help!

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The image is blurred so it will always appear blurred: data.hinhnenso1.com/du-lieu/hinhnenso1/iphone-5/tong-hop/… –  3rror404 May 7 at 11:55
@3rror404 you should add it as the answer lol –  Nisanth Sojan May 7 at 11:56
.. also, retina images should be twice the size that you want to display them. Your image is 640px wide and you are trying to display it at 640px wide so even if the image was sharp, it would appear blurry on a retina display –  3rror404 May 7 at 11:56

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OK , there are a number of issues with your code.

1) Although the iPhone 5 has a true resolution of 640px x 1136px, the browser actually reports it's resolution as 320px x 568px and uses two ACTUAL pixels to display every one of these VIRTUAL pixels.

This means:

  • your width should be 320px not 640px.
  • Your height should be 568px not 1136px.
  • Your background-size should be 320px 568px

2) Your image is the correct size. Retina images should be twice their intended display dimension. However, your image is blurry. It should be sharp at it's full size otherwise it will always look blurry.

You may have more luck with the following CSS:

@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (min-resolution: 192dpi) { 
  body {
    background:url(http://data.hinhnenso1.com/du-lieu/hinhnenso1/iphone-5/tong-hop/alovn-007.jpg)no-repeat fixed;
    background-size: 320px 568px;

-Related topic

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Thanks, i ll just apply the code as mentioned –  Neal May 7 at 12:26

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