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Given a CancellationToken, I want to call a 'cancel' method on an object that represents an asynchronous operation when the CancellationToken is cancelled. Is this possible?

Background: I'm interfacing with an API that represents an async op the following way (more or less):

class AsyncOp
    void Start(Action callback);//returns 'immediately', while beginning an async op. Callback is called when the operation completes.
    void Cancel();//aborts async operation and calls callback

I can wrap this in a method Task DoAsyncOp() easily enough, but I want to support cancellation, eg Task DoAsyncOp(CancellationToken cancellationToken). In my case, when the CancellationToken is cancelled, call Cancel on the AsyncOp object.

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You can register an Action to be invoked when the token is canceled:

token.Register(() => { /*...*/ });
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Brilliant. Can't believe I didn't notice that method on CancellationToken. –  mackenir May 7 at 12:15
I worked several weeks with my token until I found it ;-). If you only look for an event you dont see the Register method... –  ChrFin May 7 at 12:15

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