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I am trying to create a scroll view in auto layout enabled and supporting all 4 orientations and supporting all 4 side scroll for iPad.

My view tree is:

  • UIView (view controller's main view in storyboard).
    • UiScrollView (left right scroll/horizontal scroll) - the parent scroll - with paging enabled
      • UiScrollView (up down scroll/vertical scroll) -the child scroll - with paging enabled
        • UIImageView (with pinch and tap zoom enabled)

the image when zoomed should be scrollable in all directions to see the full image, and parent scroll view's scroll is disabled in the case when image is zoomed.

I tried many ways but its not working.

I also tried inserting a UIView in between as a layer between the tree but unlucky all the times.

Deployment Target: iOS 7+

and both scroll view's number of pages coming from two different array's counts

Can anyone please guide me the right approach to achieve the above stated goal.

Thanks in advance.

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