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I m using PayPal Button Manager SDK to create a hosted subscription button. Its working fine but i am unable to set the currency and notify_url (IPN url) for the created button. I m passing the currency_code and notify_url but its not setting it up. Any idea why is this happening ? Sample code is below.

BMCreateButtonRequestType request = new BMCreateButtonRequestType();
ButtonTypeType selectedButtonType = (ButtonTypeType)
                Enum.Parse(typeof(ButtonTypeType), buttonType.SelectedValue);
            request.ButtonType = selectedButtonType;
 request.ButtonCode = (ButtonCodeType)
                Enum.Parse(typeof(ButtonCodeType), buttonCode.SelectedValue);
 List<string> buttonVars = new List<string>();

            buttonVars.Add("business=" + "mytest@apigmail.com);
            buttonVars.Add("item_name=" + itemName.Value);
            buttonVars.Add("a3=" + subAmt.Value);
            buttonVars.Add("p3=" + subPeriod.Value);
            buttonVars.Add("t3=" + subInterval.SelectedValue);
            buttonVars.Add("return=" + returnURL.Value);

request.ButtonVar = buttonVars;
 BMCreateButtonReq wrapper = new BMCreateButtonReq();
            wrapper.BMCreateButtonRequest = request;

 Dictionary<string, string> configurationMap = Configuration.GetAcctAndConfig();
 PayPalAPIInterfaceServiceService service = new PayPalAPIInterfaceServiceService(configurationMap);
            BMCreateButtonResponseType response = service.BMCreateButton(wrapper);
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Can you post a sample of the actual API request that is getting generated? –  Andrew Angell May 8 at 10:33

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