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I have a c# library with this function:

public static int myGetStrings(String sOne, out String sTemp1, out String sTemp2)
    sTemp1 = sOne+"1";
    sTemp2 = sOne+"2";
    return 0;

My c++ wrapper call c# library:

char sOneCall[256],sTemp1Call[256],sTemp2Call[256];
sprintf(sOneCall,"this is a test");

int iReturnData = myLibraryClass-> myGetStrings(
    Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr) (char *)sOneCall), 
    Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr) (char *)sTemp1Call),
    Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr) (char *)sTemp2Call) );

But when I execute my code the variables "sTemp1Call" and "sTemp1Call" are void. Why? What is my problem? Where i wrong?

Thank you

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I am assuming you are using c++/cli. if so there is no need to use marshal you can just pass a string directly.

String ^sOneCall = "this is a test";
String ^sTemp1Call = "";
String ^sTemp2Call = ""

int iReturnData = myLibraryClass-> myGetStrings(sOneCall,sTemp1Call,sTemp2Call); 

Your function has out parameters if you want to get the values after the call you will need to keep around the .net object a PtrToStringAnsi copies the strings to a new String^ object so you will need to copy it back to your native ptr.

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Now work fine! Thank you –  rostonik May 8 '14 at 6:27
@rostonik good glad it works can you mark as resolved –  rerun May 8 '14 at 14:23

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