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I need to add margins to a webview programmatically. I would like to do something like below:

public void setSideMargin(final int sideMargin, int id) {
    WebView webView = (WebView) ((Activity) context)

    WebView.LayoutParams p = new WebView.LayoutParams(

    p.leftMargin = sideMargin;
    p.rightMargin = sideMargin;


This is obviously wrong I know but is there anything like this that I can do to add the margins programmatically? Thanks

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that part ((Activity) context) is weird, but otherwise I wouldn't say obviously wrong in fact that looks about right to me. –  njzk2 May 7 at 14:02
Well it defiantly wrong and the part ((Activity) context) if because I have the method in a java class so I can reuse it on different activities –  Paddy1990 May 7 at 14:06
i would probably rather do something like p = webView.getLayoutParams() instead of creating one, for starters. –  njzk2 May 7 at 14:10
I've also tried this and have no option to set the margins –  Paddy1990 May 7 at 14:13
I could set the layout params on the relative view inside it and add padding to the relative view instead of adding margin to the webview? or wrap the webview in a relative layout and add margin to that? –  Paddy1990 May 7 at 14:14

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The thing to understand with LayoutParams is this: The LayoutParams does not depend on the element it is set to, but on the parent.

It is an indication given to the parent regarding the positioning of the element.

Therefore, if your WebView is in a LinearLayout, getLayoutParams will get you a LinearLayout.LayoutParams.

Which means that, in order to have a descendant of MarginLayoutParam, a LayoutParams that supports margins, your WebView must be placed in a ViewGroup that supports margins, such as LinearLayout or RelativeLayout. (see the list of descendants http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams.html ). In other words, WebView itself does not support margins, its parent does.

In which case, you should cast the LayoutParams from the WebView to:

ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams p = (ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams) webView.getLayoutParams();

Once you have that, you can modify the margins :

p.leftMargin = sideMargin;
p.rightMargin = sideMargin;

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This is perfect and working as expected, Thanks for the help really appreciate it –  Paddy1990 May 7 at 14:46

Try with this code:

WebView.LayoutParams layoutParams = (WebView.LayoutParams) webView.getLayoutParams();
webView.layoutParams.leftMargin = sideMargin;
webView.layoutParams.rightMargin = sideMargin;

If doesn't work , then take linearlayout parent of this view and insert padding for it.

Example code:

LinearLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = (LinearLayout.LayoutParams) webView.getParent().getLayoutParams();
layoutParams.setMargins(sideMargin, 0, sideMargin, 0);

2th Example code:

LinearLayout webviewLayout = (LinearLayout) webView.getParent();
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Can't add LayoutParams to a webview –  Paddy1990 May 7 at 14:20
wrong, see my comment. (also, does not compile) –  njzk2 May 7 at 14:20
This look quite good as well, I'll give it a try now –  Paddy1990 May 7 at 14:30

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