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I want to plot the overlapping area of 2 rectangles in a color. I know I can plot the rectangles by using the rectangle command. With rectint I can find out whether they overlap or not.

Is there a specific command for this or does anyone know how I can do this? As you have noticed, I do not have much experience with Matlab.


     A = [0 0 3 3];
     B = [2 2 2 2];

     hold on;
     rectangle('Position',A) %plot rectangle A
     rectangle('Position',B) %plot rectangle B
     if (rectint(A,B) > 0)
          %plot overlapping
     hold off;


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wouldn't be half-transparent rectangles also a good solution? –  thewaywewalk May 7 at 14:18
Since I will use this for building a localization map I rather have a square represent the belief. –  Saturation May 7 at 16:02

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Assuming the rectangles overlap, the part for the plotting could be done like this:

    if (A(1)<=B(1))

    if (A(2)<=B(2))

    intersectionPlot=rectangle('Position', intersection);
    set(intersectionPlot, 'FaceColor', 'r'); % r stands for red, you can choose any other color
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Apparently as Dennis Jaheruddin stated, there is no function for this. This selfwritten code works perfect. Thanks you very much –  Saturation May 7 at 16:06
Np, I'm glad it worked :) –  nbanic May 7 at 16:18

So you only want to plot the little rectangle in the middle? I don't think that there is a builtin function for that, and this is probably the way to go:

  1. Determine the coordinates of the intersection (as long as it are just rectangles this should not be too hard)
  2. Plot the result
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I noticed that there are a lot of functions in Matlab but just couldn't find this one. I think you are right when you say that there isn't a function for this. For those who want an example for rectangles the solution of nbanic works perfect! –  Saturation May 7 at 16:04

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