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I try to plot the (scaled) periodogram of a time series in R in the following two ways. But the plots don't look the same (if you look at the difference in their values). I wonder if I make some mistakes?

The first way:

n = length(x)
I = abs(fft(x))^2/n # the periodogram 
P = (4/n)*I[1:(n/2)] # the scaled periodogram 
f = 0:(n/2-1)/n # frequencies

plot(f, I[1:length(f)], type="b", xlab="Frequency", ylab="Periodogram")
plot(f, P, type="b", xlab="Frequency", ylab="Scaled Periodogram")

The second way:

sr = spec.pgram(x, taper=0, plot=FALSE)

tmp = sr
tmp$spec = (4/n) * sr$spec
plot( tmp) # why is this nor scaled periodogram?

The plot is as follows:

enter image description here

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