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I have a text field in a Rails form that I want to display with strings with line breaks. For some reason, I cannot get Rails to show them on separate lines. Here is the code in the edit action of my controller:

def edit
    @billing_log = BillingLog.find(params[:id])
    team_comments = ""
    @billing_log.billable_totals.each do |billable_total|
      team_comments += (billable_total.user_name + ' - ' + billable_total.comments + '\n')
    @billing_log.team_notes = team_comments

And here is the snippet from the form.

  = simple_form_for @billing_log do |f|
        = f.input :team_notes, :as => :text, :input_html => { :class => 'input-block-level', :rows => '6' }

I cannot get the text to display with each comment on a separate line in the text field. Instead, they show with '\n',e.g.,

First Comment\nSecond Comment

I would like them to appear as:

First Comment
Second Comment

I have tried substituting


instead of


in my code for the edit method as shown below:

  team_comments += (billable_total.user_name + ' - ' + billable_total.comments + '<br/>')

But that does not work either.

Thanks for your time in advance.

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Instead of '<br/>' did you try '&#10;'? –  lurker May 8 at 16:36

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When using HTML tags, just make sure the ruby string gets appended with .html_safe unless the string has the possibility to be nil. If is can be nil, then wrap the string and prepend withraw()

So in your case, either

(billable_total.user_name + ' - ' + billable_total.comments + '<br/>').html_safe


raw(billable_total.user_name + ' - ' + billable_total.comments + '<br/>')

You also do not need to end your br tag with a blackslash /, so just use <br> - W3Schools

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I wish it was that simple :(. html_safe method does not do anything. Also raw is not allowed in the controller code. I can and have used raw extensively in the "show" type of rails pages but not on an "input" type of form control. –  Bharat May 7 at 16:36

You can't put line breaks in a text field (which is what an input helper generates). You should use a text_area helper instead.

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This is using simple_form gem. The f.input :team_notes, :as => :text statement generates "text_area" type html input instead :) –  Bharat May 7 at 16:37
Ah I see, I beg your pardon :) –  Max Williams May 7 at 21:53
No problem Max. Thanks for trying to help though :) –  Bharat May 8 at 2:32

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