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I would like to forward iphone users to a mobile version of my site with apache's RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} (...)

My question is, how would I redirect visitors of the mobile site back to the full site? Since they're on a mobile device, they'd just get re-routed to the mobile site again right?

Cheers, Phil

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You should redirect to a page that sets a cookie value, then redirects back to the main page again. Then you can do a cookie-based rewrite - if the cookie is present, don't rewrite the URL. If it's not present, do the rewrite.

The benefit of this, other than not having to append a GET variable to the URL, is that your user's preference is stored for future visits. If he/she prefers the full format of the site that's what they will see the next time they visit.

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+1. If you don't want the user's preference saved for future visits, you can use a session cookie instead. – Dagg Nabbit Dec 7 '11 at 20:08

Depending on what you are using for web programing add a call. For example with php you could do and add a header check. If that is present don't redirect.

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