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I'm using NB6.7 to auto generate an executable jar file for my project, how and where to tell NB to include a certain resource into the result jar file ? I know if I put the resource in the "lib" directory, NB will put it into "dist/lib/", but what I want is to include the resource within the final executable jar, where in NB do I specify that ?


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I got it : put the resource file in the src dir.

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you can do it by...
Go to your project name which is normally on the left hand side of the screen.

Whatever your project name is, you have to right click on it and then go to the properties of that. [which is normally at the end in menu item]

Then one window will open in that go to the Libraries.

In that you will find
2)ADD Libraries

then include the jar / Libraries / folder.

so that will add automatically to your project. Which will include in lib folder automatically so you don't have to include always.

Hope this help you,

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