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Currently have two problems with HandlebarsJS.

Firstly, how can I create a variable for future use based on the results of a helper? Secondly, how can I use the results within an if?

This is what I'm aiming for an failing. Could someone help me think the Handlebars way please?

<div class="basket">
  <div class="buttons">
    <button class="fewer" class="{{#if getQuantity this ../../../basket == 0}}hide{{/if}}">-</button>    
    <div class="quantity" class="{{#if getQuantity this ../../../basket == 0}}hide{{/if}}">{{ getQuantity this ../../../basket }} x</div>
    <button class="more">{{ currency this.pricePerUnit }}</button>

I tried to create a helper but item is just a [Function] at this point...

hbs.registerHelper('if_zero', function(item, block) {
  if(item === 0) {
    return block(this);

Any help would be great.


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Handlebars way here is not in trying to create helpers like if_anything but prepare your template before rendering. In your case you need new variable like isBasketEmpty and bring out that logic from template.

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