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I have a clob colum, which stores values like -

Row1: <tag name="sdsdf"> Decent <tag name="dfgdfg"> Brag <tag name="dfgdsg"> Nice
Row2: <tag name="dfgsdfg"> Innocent <tag name="dfgds"> Cruel 

Basically, some values separated by tags. If I query for keyword "ag", I only want to get Row 1. I would like to ignore anything that's inside < and >.

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The Oracle Text extension can be used to build information retrieval (full text) index on CLOB data. If you dont use that, you have to do a slow linear substring search. You should avoid that and rethink your architecture (unless of course you talk only about a few MB data total).

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that brakes down to 2 conditions in a loop:

  1. 'ag' in a string
  2. there is no > between position of 'ag' and position of next <
  3. repeat for every 'ag'

Can you write it?

or you can write a regexp using regexp_like(string, pattern).

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