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I believe this is basic, but I'm not getting how to do it. I'm transferring a file over network socket from one machine to another. I'm receiving the file contents as a network packet, on the receive side, i store the contents in a list variable. The contents are in hex format, its the payload from the network packet.

I now need to create a new perl text file and write these contents back as a text file. Any ideas?

my @str;
@str = $msg->{packet_contents};

open FILE, ">file.txt" or die $!; 
foreach (@str)
print FILE $_

The above lines of code is just dumping the Array Index .

I changed it to print using Dumper and that also did not help

open FILE, ">file.txt" or die $!; 
print FILE Dumper($msg->{packet_contents});

The above lines are printing something like below; But i need the text contents not the hex.

$VAR1 = [

I understand i cannot use Dumper, but how do i write the network socket contents as text file? Any pointers should suffice, don't need full implementation.

To Summarize: 1. I have the file contents that are received over the network saved as a list. 2. I need to open a text file. 3. Write the list contents as a text file.

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You might want to modernise your code a bit. – Biffen May 7 '14 at 19:01
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Pipe the values through the chr function to get the text:

use strict;
use warnings;

my @str = (77, 97, 121, 32, 32, 49);

print map {chr $_} @str;


May  1
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