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I'd like to extract some information from a web page that's contained in an HTML <table>. How can I extract all the table information into a nice | separated file?

Bill Bryson|Short History of Nearly Everything|2004
Stephen Hawking|A Brief History of Time|1998|Still haven't read.

Ideally, I'd like to have a function that takes a URL and output file as parameters then gives the above output.

(defun extract-table (url filename)
       (extract-from-html-table (fetch-web-page url)))

(extract-table "" "output.txt")

Sample HTML input for the above output:

<h1>Welcome to Lisp</h1>
<table class="any" style="font-size: 14px;">
  <TR class="header">
  <tr class="odd">
    <td>Bill Bryson</td>
    <td>Short History of Nearly Everything</td>
    <td>Stephen Hawking</td>
    <td>A Brief History of Time</td>
    <td>Still haven't read.</td>
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Start with Drakma for fetching the data. To parse the thing, you might find cxml helpful. Or better yet: you could use closure-html, which should parse arbitrary HTML 4. The page of the closure-html package has a screen scraping example.

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