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So I have an object model declared as such:

  name: "Shift"
    end_time: "int"
    start_time: "int"
    earliest_in: "int"
    earliest_out: "int"
    latest_in: "int"
    latest_out: "int"
    in_early: "bool"
    in_late: "bool"
    out_early: "bool"
    out_late: "bool"

  name: 'DaySchedule'
  apiVersion: 3
    uid: "uid"
    employee_id: "int"
    day: "string"
      complexType: "Shift"
      hasMany: true
      type: "Employee"
      assoc: "DayScheduleEmployee"
      key: ["employee_id"]

Now I have some code that changes one of these entities and then saves it back to the server...

shiftType = entityManager.metadataStore.getEntityType("Shift");
shift = shiftType.createInstance
  start_time: moment(@start_time).unix()
  end_time: moment(@end_time).unix()
schedule.shifts.splice -1
schedule.shifts.push shift

However, when I go to save this to the server, the "shift" on the other side ends up with no data values. This appears to be coming from, entityManager.helper.unwrapChangedValues, which is returning an empty object for this complex entity. Am I missing something in creating this complex object and then attaching it to the entity it is associated with?

EDIT: This seems to be a problem with the way breeze internally unwraps arrays.

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