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I need to make a workaround to UIKit dropdown, because I want to place clickable div element as a menu item, but UIKit reacts (thats mean closes menu) only with click on a element. I'm trying to display notifications as dropdown items with template like: <a>userName</a> has invited you to <a>event</a>, but UIKit needs to display dropdown items as a elements, so by default I can't nest urls. When I put my template inside div menu doesn't disappear after click on text has invited you.

This is the piece of UIKit.js code which I want to cheat:

if (this.options.mode == "click" || {

    this.element.on("click", function(e) {

        var $target = $(;

        if (!$target.parents(".uk-dropdown").length) {

            if ($"a[href='#']") || $target.parent().is("a[href='#']")){


        if (!$this.element.hasClass("uk-open")) {


        } else {

            if ($"a") || !$this.element.find(".uk-dropdown").find( {
                active = false;

To work as I expect it needs to get a element in line var $target = $(;. Then it will pass if ($"a") || !$this.element.find(".uk-dropdown").find(, will remove css class uk-open and will set flag active to false.

I made a trick with calling ng-click on li element:

 <ul class="uk-nav uk-nav-navbar">
    <li ng-repeat="item in items" 
         ng-click="itemClicked(item, $event, $index)">
        <div class="menu-item">
            <a href="">Url</a> {{item}} <a href="">Url</a>.

And inside itemClicked function I stop propagation of click event on div element and trigger fake click on hidden a element:

$scope.itemClicked = function(item, event, index){
    event.stopPropagation(); //stops propagation of event 'click' called on "div" element
    angular.element('#target-url' + index).trigger('click'); //triggers 'click' on hidden "a" element;

It "solves" the problem - menu after item click disappears but I get $rootScope:inprog error in console. How can I avoid this? ($timeout doesn't help)

Maybe you have better solution to solve the main problem?

There is a fiddle:

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