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We have an elgg site, and need to have forum functionality. The forum should be community wide and not focused on groups, as the standard installation comes along. We need single-sign-on for the site.

My research so far:

  • There's a phpBB3 plugin, I'd love to see phpBB3, but that breaks the reqs: no single-sign-on available yet.
  • vanilla forum plugin
  • vazco_forum plugin

Any suggestions? Vazco seems to be working, but is quite basic in functionality. Haven't had a look at vanilla so far. Other possibilities?


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Seems better suited to or to me – OMG Ponies Feb 28 '10 at 21:42

Found the light weight fluxbb forum integration by Team Webgalli. We have purchased a licence for our site. So far its working fine as they advertised. We now have got more than 1000+ threads in this forum. The plugin is really recommended. Its including an elgg style theme also.

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I wrote a module that changes the links and titles for the groups forum making it seem like it's a community wide forum instead of groups based. This approach might work for you.

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