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I have an association between ProcessingStatus and Order that looks like this:

Order belongs_to ProcessingStatus ProcessingStatus has_one Order

When I return an Order, I want to be able to get the ProcessingStatus 'name' attribute as the 'status' attribute of my JSON response.

So, right now, for the following GET call at /orders/73,

render :json => @order.to_json(:only => [:id], :include => {:processing_status => {:only => [:name]}})

I get this:

    "id": 73,
    "processing_status": {
        "name": 'processing'

And I am looking for a way to get this:

    "id": 73,
    "status": 'processing'


Anyway on doing that?

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You could define a method on your model that returns the status as the value of processing_status.name and then include that in your json:

class Order < ActiveRecord::Base

  def status


And then include that in your to_json call:

@order.to_json(only: :id, methods: :status)

Alternatively you could add the status to a hash that gets converted to json:

@order.as_json(only: :id).merge(status: @order.processing_status.try(:name)).to_json

I've used .try(:name) in case processing_status is nil but you might not need that. The behaviour is slightly different in the two cases as the first will not include status in the json and the second will include "status":null.

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