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I know I'm going to get some polarizing responses for this, but is it possible to use progressive enhancement, namely the HIJAX pattern (AJAX applied with P.E.), with Node routing middleware like Express? Can you still use normal server POST/GET/ requests in Node/Express etc. while layering in AJAX intercepts?

(Please read the HIJAX link for specifics).

See also: https://developer.yahoo.com/blogs/ydnfourblog/many-users-javascript-disabled-14121.html

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Who cares what some guy who wrote an article about it decided to name it? It's a valid concept regardless. –  jraede May 7 at 22:45
@jraede save you anger for things that matters, life is not that long after all. –  Dalorzo May 7 at 22:46
@jraede: That's a common misconception. Progressive enhancement is not the same thing as graceful degradation. Mobile-first design is a pillar of progressive enhancement. See Mobile-first responsive web design. –  Kevin Suttle May 8 at 3:14
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So, there are 2 possible solutions to this.

  1. Express contributor Doug Wilson pointed out that (at least on paper), this is fairly trivial. You merely check for the xhr object on the request.

  2. PJAX: "It's ajax with real permalinks, page titles, and a working back button that fully degrades."

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