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I have two entities - products and gift boxes. A box can contain 7 items. The same product might be added to many boxes . the entities were generated from existing tables (including the join table products_to_boxes).

I've created a unidirectional ManyToMany association between boxes and products using the join table. When creating a new box, I want to add existing products, not create new product records. In other words, I want to create 7 new join table records and 1 box record when I create a box, not 8 new item records...

Is this a known kind of object graph, does it have a name and is a ManytoMany association appropriate?

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sounds exactly like a many to many to me –  Derick F May 8 at 7:30
@DerickF thanks. The slight nuance as I see it is that when creating a new box, I want to add existing products to it rather then create new product records. I'm trying to understand if that is a particular kind of many to many or whether that can be specified in Doctrine in some way –  codecowboy May 8 at 8:40
you can set a cascade option, e.g. cascade={"detach"} docs.doctrine-project.org/en/2.0.x/reference/… –  Derick F May 8 at 21:28

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