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When there is a an empty div with contenteditable = true, I have a border around it so you can see it:


[contenteditable="true"] {
    border: 1px dashed #dedede
    padding: 3px;


  <div  'contenteditable='true'>
     <!-- blank by default -->

In IE and Chrome, it shows the height like a normal input field with small padding. In Firefox, it only shows that 3px padding I added in the styles. W/o that, it collapses and is only as tall as the border.

Do you know if this is a Firefox bur or a way to handle it?

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You are probably relying on browsers' default styles, that's why you see the differences. Try using a CSS reset and applying your styles. cssreset.com –  Arbel May 7 at 23:42

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[contenteditable='true']:before {
    content: "\feff ";

CSS2 section 10.6.3:

The element's height is the distance from its top content edge to the first applicable of the following:

  1. the bottom edge of the last line box, if the box establishes a inline formatting context with one or more lines
  2. the bottom edge of the bottom (possibly collapsed) margin of its last in-flow child, if the child's bottom margin does not collapse with the element's bottom margin
  3. the bottom border edge of the last in-flow child whose top margin doesn't collapse with the element's bottom margin
  4. zero, otherwise

For this empty div,

1 through 3 are not applicable, since the div is empty. It has no line boxes or children. Item 4 therefore applies.

The workaround enforces at least one line box inside the div, so that it gets nonzero height.

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worked perfect, thanks. –  KickingLettuce May 8 at 18:35

This works just fine for me in firefox



<div contenteditable='true'></div>

css : changed to black border so easier to see

[contenteditable='true'] {
    border: 1px dashed #000;
    padding: 3px;

notice if you change padding to 0px , it has no height. However, with the 3px padding, it works like it should.

also, I'm assuming you might of just had a typo in your question's code, but if not, make sure to change

<div  'contenteditable='true'>
     <!-- blank by default -->

to this

<div contenteditable='true'>
     <!-- blank by default -->
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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, in Firefox v28.0 for Windows (what I am testing on) , the fiddle you posted as the same results as I mentioned in my question. –  KickingLettuce May 8 at 18:32

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