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I made a mixi receive two parameters, which are actually two classes (.class-name)

I tried to extend this class with the & @ {param}. Despite the copilador not give error, the final css not extend the class.

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

.make-icon-button(@extend, @icon){



.btn-pencil-right {
    .make-icon-button('.btn-success', '.glyphicon-pencil');
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As mentioned by @helderdarocha Less does not support extend with intepolation, however I suspect that your goal is achievable with something like &extend(.btn-success all, .glyphicon-pencil all). See the documentation for the all keyword. –  seven-phases-max May 8 at 6:06
Hey @seven-phases-max your approach is a good forms to resolve this case. tks! –  Mr-Cutia May 9 at 21:19

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It's not possible (as of Less 1.7.0) to match variables with extend. From the documentation:

Extend is NOT able to match selectors with variables. If selector contains variable, extend will ignore it.

See Selector Interpolation with Extend

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