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Given a string of JSON, and a case class that corresponds to it, what's a simple way to parse the JSON into the case class? There are many libraries available, but it seems that Scala might now do this out of the box.

What about if the JSON should be parsed into a list of the case class?


Jerkson seems to be abandoned, and I don't want to install the full Play or Lift framework or anything else heavy.

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You don't have to install the full frameworks -- you can just list the json library as a dependency. I know this works for lift-json and spray-json, and it probably works for others as well. –  AmigoNico May 8 at 2:41

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There are several frameworks which can exactly do that.


JSON4s is quite mature and supports jackson or a native JSON-Parser. Used it in many projects to replace jerkson.



Can be used without the full play stack. Great support as part of the play project at typesafe.



A serialization Framework. There is an option to serialize/ and deserialize to JSON.


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Spray Json is pretty light weight and does exactly what you need. It's a toolkit instead of a full on framework and you can just import the Spray-json project instead of the entire project.


The examples can get you set up very quickly. Most of the time your code to translate to/from JSON ends up being one liners, but you have the ability to explicitly handle it in case you have some weird requirements.

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Be aware that, while spray-json is lightning fast for serialization, it is unusably slow for deserialization. Even the authors admit it's not competitive for deserialization (without doing extra work). –  Andres F. Jul 28 at 14:43
Actually, deserialization performance of Spray-Json got way better with 1.3.0 groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/spray-user/oCKjHmUMDb0/… –  Onur Oct 16 at 5:42

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