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Everytime i get or set couchbase was slow;i thank the reason is when i get or set a key i must wait couchbase return me result;and couchbase use tcp connect,everytime must via three-way handshaking;i know redis support unix domain socket connect, and it is faster than via tcp connect when try unix domain socket connect; and is couchbase server support unix domain socket? and how to do it;or have any method can improve the speed;

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When in localhost on linux, TCP/IP packets use the loopback device which for all intents and purposes is equivalent to unix domain sockets. Yes the 3-way handshake and checksum calculation and packet construction adds a little overhead but it's generally not noticable unless you make/break hundreds of connections per second. Most people avoid the socket creation overhead by simply opening a permanent connection to the database. – slebetman May 8 '14 at 3:35

Standard practice for any production Couchbase cluster is to place the application (i.e. client) on their own servers - this allows you to scale the app layer independently of the database layer.

Therefore you would be not be running Couchbase and the application on the same machine, and hence unix domain sockets (even if they were supported) wouldn't be of any use.

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