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Is Redis cluster ready for Production? According to this question it seems it's not nearly ready and this also seems to be the case according to their Github issues.

Has anyone seen this working in large cluster environment where it requires a lot of usage?

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My company is ready for product. We had tested HA, Concurrent, Load. I get a conclusion: Redis cluster is Concurrent, Load more than before version.

Below is our test data:

Redis-3.0.4 version load test(3M+3S):

Insert      VU=20  TPS= 3270   ART=0.006
Insert      VU=60  TPS= 5890   ART=0.009
Query       VU=60  TPS= 13232  ART=0.004
Delete      VU=60  TPS= 6631   ART=0.007
Clear       VU=20  TPS= 2302   ART=0.008         

Redis-2.6.14 version load test:

Insert      VU=20  TPS= 4028  ART= 0.005
Query       VU=60  TPS= 6342  ART= 0.003  
Delete      VU=60  TPS= 6631  ART=0.007

We can see that vitual user cluster is more than redis-2.6.14 and get capacity also improved. Of course, the set capacity is down(need redirect).

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