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In a project I'm working on, I'm chaining a series of D3 transitions on exit. Essentially, when elements are removed from the data set, they are to be 'focused' in a sense that their data is highlighted and more SVG elements are appended relevant to the element that's exiting.

Everything looks great when the transitions happen on the same page – nothing breaks, only one thing shows up at once, and all is good.

However, when I leave the tab for an extended period of time (such that multiple items would have been exited by the time I return), what happens is that everything is cleared except the span elements inside the foreignObject elements that had been exited in the time I was on a different tab/out of focus. They stay on the page until the the next element to be exited goes through all of its transitions (probably because selectAll('foreignObject.textBox')).

Here's how I'm approaching the problem:

  .each(function(d, i) {


    textBox = container.selectAll('foreignObject.textBox')
        class: 'textBox',
        x: root.getX() - 30 * (flippedX ? -1 : 1) + 45,
        y: root.getY() - 30 * (flippedY ? -1 : 1) - 25,
        width: 0,
        height: 55
      .html('<div class="graph-msg"><span class="graph-msg-text">' + message.body + '</span>');

        width: 180
      .each('end', function(node, i) {
          .each('end', function(node, i) {
            fadeOut(textBox, TR_FADE);

The fadeOut function is shown here:

function fadeOut(d3Elem, millis, onEnd) {
    .style({ opacity: 0 })
    .each('end', onEnd || function(d, i) {

Any ideas about how to fix this? I need to use foreignObject because I need text to wrap around. Is this just a part of using foreignObject? MDN says that a foreignObject's contents are drawn by a different user agent – could that have something to do with the problem?

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Is this specific to foreignObject or is it the case in general that elements aren't removed when you're not looking? – Lars Kotthoff May 8 '14 at 8:16
Specific to foreignObject, I think. I have a lot of other elements that I'm appending in a very similar fashion and all of those do not appear when I come back to the page after being on some other tab or out of focus for a long time, it's only the HTML inside of the foreignObject that's staying around. – Dennis May 8 '14 at 8:44
@Dennis Just a couple of quick thoughts. First, foreignObject is not supported in IE. Second, depending on your situation (I did not look too closely), this may help. The linked issue is exemplified in this gist. – FernOfTheAndes May 8 '14 at 11:56

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