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I am coding a console application on windows. I made it multithreaded so it can print status to console while I am receiving input from the prompt.

But when printf() gets called while I am typing the command, I see the output intersecting with what I have typed.

How can I get around this problem? is there a way to keep the input line separate?

I am using getline(cin, strcommand); to collect input data

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Are you outputting newline at the end of the output string (because stdout is line buffered) ? –  ajay May 8 '14 at 6:33

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standard output is a mutual exclusive resource, so it cannot be both used by input and output at the same time.

In your problem, input and output intersect with each other, so i think you can use a buffer to store your log created by the print status thread while you are inputting. When input is over, you can check if there are logs not yet be printed.

while(cin >> x) {
  //get output buffer mutex
     //print the log
     //clear the flags
  //release output buffer mutex
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I thingk you just need to end the line with << endl; at the end of your cout. then the input will be under the output.

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