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Basically I'm still in the starting phase, and I know how to use Console.WriteLine, but I have no idea on how to have it read input from the user.

For example, I'd want a user to be able to type in a pair of numbers, then return the result.

My goal is a program that receives input , then combines them and returns the average.

This is all in Visual C# Express 2008

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string input = Console.ReadLine();

that will return you a string of the user's input. Check out MSDN for documentation on the Console class. Also look at the Convert class.

int num = Convert.ToInt32(input);

Good luck new coder.

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This is a very general topic with a lot of answers, but Console.ReadLine is one counterpart of Console.WriteLine. It reads a line of text from standard in.

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Have a look at Console.ReadLine() or Console.Read() in the MSDN Documentation

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Ok, I see how to obtain data. How do I actually store it? Like, if I want to return a solution that's based on several pieces of data that have been input? – Ramses Brown Mar 1 '10 at 2:48
@Slateboard - for temporary storage, in variables or properties. You might want to go through a few tutorials or pick up an introductory C# book. – TrueWill Mar 1 '10 at 3:22

First create a variable to store the user input, like this:

int variablenameofyourchoice = 0;

Then take input like this and store it in your variable name:

variablenameofyourchoice = int.parse(Console.ReadLine())

Then do whatever you want with that variable. If you want two numbers do this twice.

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