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Assume I have a set of users. Each user has its own balance. Users place calls and during calls their balances are decremented periodically (e.g. every second). The users balances are stored in a redis database.

So, I have multiple instances of an application running on different servers. Each instance is notified when a call is placed by a user (probably using round robin to distribute the load). This instance is responsible for decrementing the balance of this user periodically (therefore interacting with the redis database). The problem is that if the instance crashed, the user's balance will not be decremented anymore. Therefore, I would like each instance to be fully stateless. The actions of decrementing balances should be stored in the redis database and should be shared among the instances, maybe using some sort of queue.

Is redis appropriate for such architecture? If yes, could you propose me an architecture to start with?

Thanks, Mickael

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